All about Josie!

Professional accreditations and experience

Drawn to ensuring that everyone recognises and reaches their potential, I have enjoyed a successful career as an academic, coach, educator, facilitator and psychotherapist with particular interests in interpersonal relationships, consciousness and spiritual development.

Whilst nursing in a London hospital, I embarked on a degree in Psychology (1981-86, Open).  At this time I also began training fellow nurses and the dynamics I witnessed inspired a future project: the PhD I would pursue in the early 90s, completing in 1994 (Surrey).

It was during my PhD research that I took a lecturing post at the University of Surrey, where I was a member of the Human Potential Research Group and later co-creator and co-director of the university’s MSc in Change Agent Skills ad Strategies.  The MSc CASS employed the seemingly radical model of the peer learning community, a model which calls on all participants to take active and meaningful roles in supporting every member of the group, including themselves, to engage fully with the material and with their own personal and professional development.  On this programme, as in so many of my projects, participants are expected to partake.

I also spent much of the 90s building my private practice as a psychotherapist (Transactional Analysis and later transpersonal approach), working with individuals with a range of requirements and goals.  While for some, it is necessary to supportively unlock and unravel psychological challenges of the past, for others it is necessary to help them clear the path ahead. In all cases, my focus is always on the personal development of the individual.

My private practice grew successfully, and I took on more supervision of other psychotherapists (models used: Gestalt, Integrative, Transactional Analysis, neuroscience and transpersonal). Nowadays, along with supervision, my private practice addresses professional and academic development alongside the personal.  My twenty years working in higher education is invaluable for supervising Masters and PhD candidates, executives, organisational leaders and individuals who know they can have more from their roles and would benefit from high quality coaching to achieve that.

The MSc CASS found a new incarnation as the MSc in Leading Organisational Change at the Metanoia Institute, where I had previously completed Post-grad studies in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy.  The MSc Leading Organisational Change course was an experientially-based transformative programme focused on the psychology of change at the personal, group and organisational level.  At Metanoia, I was joint lead on this course and another, the MA/MSc in Psychological Coaching.  I continue doctoral supervision at HULT Ashridge Executive Education’ as Ashridge Adjunct Faculty.

My other work is researching and publishing in the area of Spirit in Leadership and Consciousness Leadership.  It can seem to the outsider that I am “always working” as I read, research, learn and disseminate incessantly. This is an accusation I am proud of: I have made a life from my work because I love my work.  I love learning and developing and want to pass that on. I share my home with the most wonderful cockerpoo who ensures that I look up from my books and get out of the house at least once a day, and I have three grown-up children who have all turned out alright.


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