A Summary Of My Services

Psychological Coaching
Deep and empathic listening that strongly connects to any psychological, spiritual and work / relationship issue you want to explore.
An intuitive grasp of origins and manifestations of life flourishing possibilities.
Facilitating movement from the status quo of mechanical rigid thinking and behaving to a liberated new you.
Understanding and working with the latest in neuroscience science such as neuroplasticity, flexibility and adaptability and the creation of new perspectives, working towards an aperspectival worldview.
Breaking the habits that bind us to traditional ways of working and thinking towards emergent and integral ways of being.


I love supervising professionals working in the areas of coaching, consulting, personal development and managing self and others in work context. I have a preference for working in a peer relational way that validates the experiences and knowledge of both people in the relationship.
Supervision of academic research into areas of consulting, coaching, counselling, psychotherapy and learning and development in professional practice.

Personal And Spiritual Development

I have a passion for personal, professional and spiritual development. I can offer expertise in these important fields. While I have studied spiritual traditions over the years, I do not hold to any one religious approach. Spiritual guidance means exploring with clients how best to work with their personality to allow for their own spiritual nature to flourish and be their centre of gravity.